Command Staff

Berthoud Fire’s Command Staff includes Fire Chief Stephen Charles, Operations Chief Robert Stumpf, Battalion Chief Scott Lindschmidt (A shift), Battalion Chief Nico Romero (B Shift) & Battalion Chief Lyle Fenderson (C shift), as well as Battalion Chief of Training Andrew Kuiken. They bring a combined 130 years experience to the District.

Fire Chief Stephen Charles

Berthoud Fire Chief since 1992

Operations Chief Robert Stumpf

Berthoud Fire Operations Chief since 2011

Battalion Chief Scott Lindschmidt

Berthoud Firefighter since 1999

Battalion Chief, Wildland Coordinator Nico Romero

Berthoud Firefighter since 2000

Battalion Chief, Training Officer Andrew Kuiken

Berthoud Firefighter since 2000

Battalion Chief Lyle Fenderson

Berthoud Firefighter since 2004