Wildland Reserve Position


Each spring and summer, BFPD hires a complement of seasonal wildland firefighters to staff the Wildland Fire Cooperator program. As a National Wildland Coordinating Group Cooperator, BFPD regularly sends wildland engines and crews to wildfires across the country. Members of the crew can be deployed for as long as 21 days and engaged in firefighting or structure protection on some of the largest wildfire incidents in the U.S.
Interested persons must be able to commit to a minimum 14 deployment to be eligible, and the position is an on call/as needed basis.
The recruitment process, which is typically held each January, includes interviews, background check, and a pack test. Candidates may be allowed to complete their S130-190 Red Card online during the recruitment process. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is furnished from the BFPD quartermaster.
You can submit your interest via email to info@berthoudfire.org
And watch this website or our Facebook page for recruitment information.