Weld County Permit

Open Burning Permits are required in Weld County to burn anything other than household paper, cardboard, and agriculturally exempt materials.  

Open Burning Permits are available in all areas of Weld County except those where there are ordinances or codes that ban open burning, such as:
1.Selected Municipal towns or cities
2. Some Fire Districts

Open Burning Permits may be obtained:
1. Online  at www.co.weld.co.us/apps1/health/burn_permits/
2. In person at the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment,  Environmental Health Services, 1555-N. 17th Avenue, Greeley, or,
3. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Air Pollution Control Division, 4300 Cherry Creek Dr. South, Denver.

Open Burning for which a permit has been obtained may NOT be conducted on any ‘RED’ Air Quality Alert Day that is determined for the 9-county Front Range area that includes Weld County. The Open Burning Permit is NOT VALID on “RED” Air Quality Alert Days.”

For more information on Weld County’s burn regulations and burn permit process, please visit their website: Weld County Burning Regulations