State Crew

August of 2021, Berthoud Fire’s IGA with the Division of Fire Prevention and Control as State Engine 3111 was relocated, based on need, to Hudson, Colorado. We want to sincerely wish the crew the best in their new assignment and we extend our gratitude to the DFPC for their partnership with Berthoud Fire for 8 years!


In 2013 Berthoud Fire Protect District (BFPD) entered an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) that proved mutually beneficial to both the District and the State. The agreement provides a bay for the State engine at Station 1, and an office for the engine crew to conduct day to day business. The State crew consist of one full time Captain and three seasonal firefighters. The benefit to the District and Berthoud community is the assistance and availability of the State crew and engine on calls that involve wildland fires, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and structure fires within the District.
BFPD want’s it’s community to be aware of what a great additional resource this has been to the District. In addition, the State upgraded the engine from a Type 6 engine to a Type 3. The upgrade provides for greater firefighting capability while responding to calls with Berthoud Fire crews.

The Type 6 State engine, which was specifically designed for wildland fires, carried 400 gallons of water, pumped 100 gallons of water per minute and had minimal storage area for equipment. The new Type 3 State engine is not only designed for wildland fires, but has the capability to provide for structure protection. The State engine is white with a blue stripe with the letters “DFPC” printed on the side which stands for Division of Fire Prevention and Control.

The Type 3 is a substantially larger and more powerful apparatus. The Type 3 carries 600 gallons of water, pumps 500 gallons per minute and has storage areas capable of carry all the necessary equipment. It is a 4-wheel-drive engine that seats 4 Firefighters.
Back in 2013 the DFPC crew was trained to address wildland fires. They are now certified for All Hazard Response. The crews have attended school to attain their Emergency Medical Technician certification and attended a firefighting academy attaining certification as structural firefighters and certification in Hazardous Material Operation.

The crews staff the engine during the summer 7 days per week and work 8-hour days. In the winter, the staffing is reduced and consists of 4 days per week 10-hour work days.
According to CDPS’s website,  State engines are placed strategically through the state base on risk of wildfire and need. They then use both seasonal and permanent firefighters to staff the engines. The State rolled out 5 new Type 3’s this year.

BFPD is very pleased with the outcome of this agreement and the additional resources it has provided to the Berthoud community for the last four and a half years.