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Priority Driven Budgeting

Priority Based Budgeting was and continues to be the process utilized by the Berthoud Fire Protection District (BFPD) to assure that resources are directed toward programs that best achieve the delivery of professional and quality services to our community. The BFPD has focused its business practices to create fiscal health while sustaining and/or improving our Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification which is a direct reflection on our quality of service.
The underlying philosophy of priority-driven budgeting is about how a government entity should invest resources to meet its stated objectives. If helps us to better articulate why the services we offer exist, what price we pay for them, and consequently, what value they offer citizens. The principles associated with this philosophy of budgeting are:
  • Prioritize Services.
  • Do the Important Things Well. Cut back on the Rest.
  • Question Past Patterns of Spending.
  • Spend Within the Organization’s Means.
  • Know the True Cost of Doing Business.
  • Provide Transparency of Community Priorities.
  • Provide Transparency of Service Impact.
  • Demand Accountability for Results.