Boulder County Burn Permits

Boulder County

You must first obtain a permit from Boulder County before you burn. You can do this several ways, the easiest being their website.

Boulder County allows citizens to burn the following on their property with a permit:

Slash piles
A slash pile is made up of vegetative material that has been concentrated by manual or mechanical means into a pile measuring no more than 6’ wide by 6’ tall.

Broadcast Burns
Often thought of as a “prescribed burn,” broadcast burns are defined as, “the controlled application of fire to wildland fuels in their natural or modified state over a predetermined area.” Broadcast burns are often conducted to reduce wildland fire fuel loads, restore the ecological health of an area, or to clear weeds.

Agricultural burns DO NOT require a permit.

How to Obtain a Burn Permit in Boulder County

  1. Read the Guide to Burning (1 MB) for expert tips and instructions on how to burn safely.
  2. Ensure no alternatives to burning exist to disposing of your material.
  3. Ensure your planned burn complies with all regulations & requirements listed on the Quick Guide (79 KB)
  4. Complete the burn permit application for your burn. You will be notified within 20 days whether your application was approved or denied.
  5. Receive your burn permit by mail or email within 20 days of submitting application

ONLINE Burn Permit Application

Before continuing to the application, be sure you have…

  1. Considered alternatives to burning
  2. Read the required Guide to Burning
  3. Printed and completed a burn plan form (810 KB) – (Broadcast burns only)

Related Ordinances
Burn Permit Ordinance #2014 (489 KB)