BFPD renewed our prestigious Class 2 ISO rating in 2021!

Our Fire District is in the top 2.3% of fire departments in the nation, and the top .5% of fire departments in Colorado!


District Map 1: This map indicates the District’s area of service, the location of both stations, and a 5-mile driving radius from each station. All residents within a five-mile driving radius of these stations receive the benefit of Berthoud Fire Protection District’s class 2 rating.

ISO – Public Protection Classification(PPC)

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) evaluates a community’s commitment to public safety by evaluating the effectiveness of the local fire department utilizing the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS), a score is assessed that has an impact on property insurance premiums throughout the community. The scoring methodology used by ISO rates fire protection from Class 1 through Class 10. The higher the PPC Class rating, the higher the risk factor. The lower the PPC Class rating, the lower the risk factor.

The Berthoud Community’s PPC Rating

The Berthoud Fire Protection District established a strategic plan to improve the District’s Public Protection Classification. In January of 2015, ISO conducted an evaluation of the fire department, emergency communications system, community risk reduction and infrastructure of available water. The Berthoud Fire Protection District received a Public Protection Classification rating of Class 2 for all properties, commercial and residential, within five (5) driving miles of either fire station.

Now Berthoud residents, who live within the Class 2 rating zone, have the benefit of significantly lowered insurance premiums because of the efforts of the District to provide the highest quality of service.